Will Delta 8 Fail a Drug Test?

If you have used a delta 8 product, you may be wondering whether it will make you fail a drug test. You may be taking a drug test for your job, or you may have to take a drug test as part of a court order or probation agreement.

How Does a Drug Test Work?

Depending on how you use the product, it can take between two days and a few weeks for your body to clear the THC metabolites from your system. You can speed up this process by drinking lots of water to help your metabolism.

Most drug tests detect a THC metabolite in your blood, hair follicles, or urine. This is because will delta 8 fail drug test can be broken down into a variety of different metabolites.

The primary inactive metabolite of delta 9 THC is called THC-COOH. This metabolite is what most urine drug tests are designed to detect, because it is stored in fat cells.

While delta 8 is legal in most states, it can cause you to fail a drug test since it can interfere with tests for delta 9. You will likely be positive for delta-9 THC instead because of the way that both compounds are processed by your body.

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