Why Responsive Web Design Is Necessary For Your Business?

Considering the fact that over 25% of all Canadian internet traffic comes from mobile devices, you might be wondering why responsive web design vancouver | WittyCookie is necessary for your Vancouver business. Well, here’s the scoop: people are increasingly using their mobile devices to access the web, and almost as many still use desktop platforms. So, if you want to reach your target audience in Vancouver, it’s time to go responsive! Read on to find out why.

Before mobile devices became prevalent, websites had to adapt to each device’s size and resolution. To cater to the needs of these devices, most websites use bootstrap to construct grids. This framework also constructs various elements, such as text, images, alerts, glyphicons, and forms. Its use has made it one of the most popular frameworks for creating mobile-friendly websites. Its methods make use of CSS media queries and javascript.

Apart from being more mobile-friendly, responsive web design also has a few SEO benefits. It helps your business by improving its rankings in search results. This type of design also reduces maintenance costs as all content and URLs are contained on one site. Beginner users can make changes easily with the help of responsive websites. With the help of responsive web design, your Vancouver business can focus on its core business rather than worry about changing the website’s layout or content.

Using a mobile-friendly design is crucial to attract potential customers. Mobile-friendly websites are easy to navigate, and visitors don’t have to spend too much time on the site. The goal of this type of website is to get as many people as possible to view your content. They can browse through your website and decide if your site is a good fit for their needs. If they love your website, they’ll be more likely to convert.

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