Why Rent a Dedicated Server?

Dedicated rent virtual server is the cheapest way to rent an entire physical server that has all the resources you need. The resources are not shared with other clients, so you have full control over how much performance you get.

Using virtualization, a single physical server can host several dozen VPS servers (virtual private server). Each VPS is independently configured with operating systems and resources. The client chooses how many sites and services he wants to place on it, and the provider allocates all resources needed for the VPS – CPU, memory, storage and bandwidth.

Scalable servers withstand high loads and efficiently cope with them when necessary, which is an important advantage for companies that use a large number of web sites or portals with high traffic. In addition, a server with VPS technology is less susceptible to hacks.

How to Choose the Right Virtual Server for Your Needs

For example, if a web site is attacked by hackers, the system will be able to defend itself by switching on specialized security software that will help protect your VPS from DDoS attacks. This will allow you to avoid losing money due to server downtime and to prevent your customers from experiencing any problems.

You can also customize your virtual server with a range of tools and functions that will give you full control over the operation of the machine and help you optimize its performance. This will ensure you get the most out of your investment and that your project continues to run smoothly.

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