The Best Online Games For Exploring Historical Events

The Best Online Games for Exploring Historical Events

While textbooks give students a window into bygone eras, nothing brings history to life like playing interactive historical video games. These fun learning tools allow players to relive and even change historical moments from the comfort of their couches.

Whether they are exploring เข้าถึงเกม บาคาร่าออนไลน์ ที่น่าตื่นเต้น Viking life or building a pyramid, these games teach, solidify knowledge and entertain all at once! From ancient Egypt to WWII, these history based games take players back in time and let them experience these monumental historical events.

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With a variety of genres, formats and styles, there is a history game for any learner. From Mission US’ narrative storytelling to iCivics’ civic engagement and Planet 42’s gamified quizzes, there is something here for every student.

Educators have long been using games to engage students. Unlike traditional video games, these history games use real world historical content and offer an immersive learning experience. From flinging your teacher into the sky for each correct answer in a Fling the Teacher game to answering questions as fast as you can in a Jeopardy style history game – 13 Colonies Edition, there is something here to excite all learners.

While not all of these games are designed to educate, many of them are great for teaching skills such as teamwork and the ability to listen to different points of view. Even the violent side scrolling beat ’em up Wulverblade has a purpose when used in class. Students are encouraged to listen to the other point of view and then choose a side – which they will win. This is a great way to help students understand that there is always more than one perspective to every story.

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