Tennis Court Maintenance

Daily routines will keep your court at optimal playing condition and will also extend its life. It takes 10 minutes or less each day to brush and water.

Regularly inspect and clean drainage systems & gutters

A good Tennis Court Maintenance channels water away from the court, which is vital for preventing early deterioration of asphalt surfaces. This will also prevent the occurrence of mold, mildew and other surface damage. Drainage systems should be cleaned of debris, leaves and dirt which can clog them.

If there is fungus or mildew growth on the court, it can be removed by scrubbing the affected area with a mild solution of 2 parts household bleach and 1 part water. This should be done before it has a chance to damage the color coating. Fungicide treatments can also be applied, however, these should only be used by a professional.

Always use a soft nylon bristled brush when scrubbing the surface. Never use a metal bristled scrubber on the surface or you may cause damage to it. Also, never use a pressure washer on the court, as excessive water can damage it.

Annual reconditioning should include cleaning, leveling, top dressing and laying lines. It is important to do this before the cracks can get too large. This will help avoid the need for costly repair work in the future. ProCorM recommends the ARMOR crack repair system. This system uses a knitted fabric that will expand as the cracks open reducing stress on the surrounding material.

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