Sports Relays are a great way to test and improve coordination, speed and agility. They can also be a good way to build teamwork and show kids the importance of working together and playing by the rules. They also help teach direction and timing as each player must follow the previous runner. Many sports relay games do not require any special equipment and can be done inside or outside. Go here

In the 4 x 100-meter relay, four sprinters carry a baton and then hand it off to one of their teammates who completes a full lap around the track. The fastest team wins. The cleanest and quickest handoffs are crucial in the race. In addition, each team must adhere to strict rules concerning the baton exchanges. Failure to follow the rules results in a disqualification.

From Baton to Glory: The History and Evolution of Sports Relays

Each runner must be able to receive the baton within a designated changeover zone, which is usually a box situated 10 meters before and after each leg of the race. The incoming runner may begin running at close to full speed with his arm outstretched to receive the baton from the outgoing runner in the changeover zone. The outgoing runner must give the incoming runner a visual signal, such as a triangle painted on the track or an auditory signal, such as “Stick!” repeatedly, to indicate when to prepare for the handoff.

A variation on this game is to use a piece of paper. Each player has two pieces of newspaper. As they run, the runner puts down one piece of newspaper and steps on it while picking up the other. This is repeated until the runner has made it to the finish line.

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