One of the most important clubs in your bag, a good odyssey putters uk can save countless shots on the greens and even bring your handicap down. Whether you choose a blade, mid-mallet or mallet design you can trust Odyssey to deliver confidence-inspiring designs and innovative technology that help you to hole more putts.

Founded in 1991 and taking over what was an extremely stale putter marketplace, Odyssey quickly became known for their innovative and groundbreaking designs. They soon had a large following of tour professionals and golfers alike, who trusted them to help get more putts in the hole. Now part of the Callaway family of golf brands, odyssey putters are still designed with you in mind and provide excellent quality at an affordable price.

In 2000, Odyssey introduced their revolutionary 2-Ball alignment system that had two exact golf ball size white circles extending back from the head of the putter. This was unlike anything golfers had seen before and revolutionized alignment in putting. This design innovation was a huge success and is still in production today.

Precision on the Greens: Exploring the Best Odyssey Putters in the UK

The Eleven range is another example of Odyssey’s dedication to bringing more putts in the hole for golfers. This super-high MOI product combines a steel crown with a lightweight TPU & aluminum under-body and heavyweight steel weights in each of the back corners to keep the CG forward, delivering incredible stability.

Other notable Odyssey putters include the #7 Nano which is a smaller version of the classic fang shape, and the Microhinge insert which is ideal for those who struggle to get the ball to roll consistently. Also the 2-Ball Ten features a great face balance and 2-ball alignment system to help golfers line up putts correctly while the Stroke Lab range uses a new shaft design that redistributes weight for improved stroke consistency and control.

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