Midcalf Injuries – How to Treat Your Midcalf Injuries


The calf, also called the gastrocnemius or soleus midcalf | GAIN THE EDGE, is part of your skeletal muscle system. It is composed of many individual fibers that bundle together to create a striated (striped) appearance.

The gastrocnemius and soleus muscles are responsible for lifting the heel of your foot, making it possible to stand up. They can also help your leg to lift the weight of your body as you walk, run or jump.

Acute calf pain is usually the result of a strain to one or both of these muscles. However, it can be a sign of other problems such as blood clots or inflammation.

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Muscle strains are very common and occur when muscle fibers stretch too far or tear. This injury may require immediate treatment and rehabilitation.

It is important to treat calf pain with rest and ice to ease it quickly. It is also recommended to massage the area regularly.

Calf pain that doesn’t respond to ice and rest can be a sign of an Intermuscular contusion. This is when the blood within the muscle sheath breaks down and causes bruising. This is a much more serious problem than simple muscle strains, and should be treated by a medical professional.

Medications and Exercises That Can Help Your Calf:

It is a good idea to try specific exercises that can help your calf. This can help to relieve pain and improve movement and strength. These exercises may be challenging at the start but will help your calf to recover.

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