Leather Laptop Sleeve – Protect Your Laptop From Dings and Scratches

leather laptop sleeve

If you’re looking for an affordable way to protect your laptop, we recommend getting a leather laptop sleeve. These bags are not only stylish, but also help you keep your laptop safe from dents and scratches.

The 15 inch laptop case flap can be opened to reveal a pocket, allowing you to store your laptop’s charger, adapter, and mouse. They’re made of a sturdy and durable premium PU leather, meaning they won’t fade or discolor in the rain.

We also suggest you get a laptop sleeve with a zipper, to ensure your laptop is completely sealed inside. The sleeve’s interior is padded with foam lined with felt, making it resistant to dings and scratches.

The Most Stylish Leather Laptop Sleeves for Women

Harber London’s Slim Leather Folio No 7 delivers a lot of protection without the bulkiness of some cases. It also has a wool felt lining that keeps your laptop from catching fire, and it’s magnetic-sealed so you can feel safe carrying your MacBook around with you.

This case’s exterior evokes the wild west, but its design makes it feel like it’s built to last. It’s also water-resistant and has a magnetic clasp to help protect your laptop from scratching.

You’re probably going to need a laptop sleeve for everyday use, because even the best MacBook can be subject to damage from bumps and dents. It’s especially important to use a sleeve if you use your laptop in a backpack.

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