How to Avoid Common Problems During Concrete Core Drilling

Concrete core drilling is a precision cutting technique that’s used in construction projects to create openings for everything from installing HVAC ducting to setting up utilities like pipes and cables. It’s a key part of several different jobs, but many things can go wrong during concrete coring. This article will discuss how to avoid common problems during concrete core drilling, so you can complete the work safely and efficiently.More info

Before you start core drilling, make sure that there aren’t existing cables, pipes, or other sensitive equipment in the area where you plan to drill. You can use specialized equipment like a wire detector or a stud finder to locate these objects, so that you can avoid them.

Concrete Core Drilling: Tools, Techniques, and Tips

A core drill rig is more complicated than it looks, but its basic components include a base, a telescoping armature, and whichever drill bit you choose to use for the job. When you’re ready to start, place your guiding hole on the surface where you want to cut. Ask a colleague to watch for when the guiding hole pokes out of the other side and mark this point.

As the rotary blade of your core drill moves through the surface, it cuts a cylinder-shaped “slug” out of the material. A slug is a piece of concrete, brick or other material that stays inside the hollow center of your core drill until it’s removed from the working surface. The process can be done wet or dry, with water being preferred for most applications due to its efficiency, reduced risk of overheating and dust suppression benefits.

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