Have Your Own Piece of Luxury in Malta

Penthouses in Malta conjure up images of international jetsetters, film stars and roof parties. But they’re also one of the most desirable forms of property as homes and investments. With the right property, you can have your own piece of luxury in Malta.

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Penthouses are flats that occupy the top floor of multistorey blocks and have different layouts to other apartments in the building. They typically feature large outdoor terraces with exceptional views and are set back from the outer walls of the building, guaranteeing more space. Luxury designs and amenities help to set them apart from other types of apartments.

As the only apartment on the top floor, penthouses offer more privacy than other flats in the same block. There’s no need to worry about noisy upstairs neighbours and you can enjoy your privacy even when you have guests staying at home with you.

Buying a penthouse is often considered a wise investment since they tend to appreciate well over time and are less impacted by market fluctuations than regular apartments. However, there are a few downsides to consider before you make the decision to buy a penthouse.

Being at the top of the building means that you’re likely to experience higher heat levels during the summer. Similarly, cold air could creep in during the winter, which can be uncomfortable and potentially lead to higher utility bills. However, these issues can be overcome by making the most of the space available at your penthouse and ensuring you’re adequately insulated.

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