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Resource for Online Learning

Resource for Online Learning provides free, curated resources and tools to help students learn in the classroom or at home. Their catalog includes lesson plans and other educational materials for science, math, social studies, and more. The collection is filtered by grade level, accessibility, language, and subject. Go here

Bookshare offers over 800,000 accessible eBooks to help students who struggle with reading or are blind or deaf. These e-books are available in formats such as audio, audio + highlighted text, braille, and large font.

Study Island is a standards-based practice, test prep, and formative assessment platform for K-12 that helps students and teachers assess their knowledge and skills while guiding them to success. It also provides educators with actionable data to identify gaps in student learning.

Maximizing Your Online Learning Experience: Top 5 Tools and Apps

Quill is a tool that “listens” to students read aloud and then gives immediate feedback on their pronunciation and spelling. It then provides students with a personalized set of independent practice activities to address their specific needs.

Boddle’s virtual learning platform allows students to play a series of engaging, interactive games in math and reading to help them retain their knowledge and learn new concepts. The platform also offers real-time progress tracking and parental dashboards so parents can see what their children are doing.

iCulture is a unique cultural immersion resource for Spanish, French and German students that offers travel videos, day in the life stories, current news articles and songs that are 100% target language and age appropriate for young people. It is free and has been used by thousands of educators to teach civics and other subjects in grades 6-12.

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