Boric acid pills are an effective and safe treatment for vaginal yeast infections. They work to stop yeast and other bacteria from growing and causing symptoms like itching, burning, redness, and discharge.

The active ingredient in these suppositories is boric acid pills a weak acid that comes from boric oxide, which is naturally occurring in volcanic areas. This chemical inhibits the growth of yeast and other bacteria and restores a balanced pH to your vagina.

These suppositories have a special applicator that allows you to easily insert the medication without getting it all over your hands or clothing. To use this medicine, wash your hands before and after you apply it.

There are many different types of boric acid suppositories, and some may be stronger or more effective than others. Talk with your health care provider to find out which ones are right for you and how to use them properly.

The Science Behind Boric Acid Pills: How They Work and How to Use Them Safely

Yeast infection and other vaginal infections caused by fungi called Candida are common and can be uncomfortable. They can cause itching, redness, and discharge, as well as an unpleasant odor.

Boric acid is a natural antifungal agent that can help to control the growth of Candida. It also helps to eliminate infections that don’t respond to other medications.

If you have recurrent yeast infections that don’t respond to treatment, your doctor may recommend boric acid suppositories as part of a multi-step approach to eradicating them. Other options include topical flucytosine (Ancobon) or other antifungals, which are available by prescription.

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