Ben Greenfield Recommends BioCBD Plus

Ben Greenfield, author of the best-selling book Greenfield Fitness Systems, is a biohacker who focuses on longevity and optimizing athletic performance on a molecular level. He has long been a proponent of CBD and THC and has done extensive self-experimentation with both. In a recent podcast, he talked about the results of moderated CBD and THC doses on his body. Go here

He also spoke highly of the water-soluble products from BioCBD Plus, which he believes have the highest bioavailability of any on the market. Their patent-pending formulation blends organic full-spectrum hemp oil and ayurvedic herbs to create a formula that is five times more effective than any oil-based product on the market.

Ben Greenfield’s BioCBD+ Regimen: A Day in the Life of This Expert

Their products are free of solvents, glycerides, heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, added sugar, soy, nuts, and artificial flavors or colors. They are non-GMO, and their capsules are vegan and gluten-free. In addition, they have a convenient auto shipping program so that you can get your favorite BioCBD Plus products delivered right to your door.

BioCBD Plus is a family-owned company that is dedicated to helping their customers find the perfect CBD solution for their unique needs. They offer a wide variety of CBD-infused products, from oils and capsules to topicals and even vape pens. They also offer a scholarship program to make their water-soluble products more affordable for those in need. To learn more, visit their scholarship page.

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