amish candy

Amish candy is a staple of the Amish community, and there are many different kinds. Some are hard and crunchy, while others are soft and chewy. Some have a very subtle peppermint flavor, while other have a more intense one. You can find Amish candy at the local supermarket, but there are also some stores that specialize in the products.

Sugar Cookies

Try this amish candy | Amish Baskets sugar cookie recipe for a special holiday treat. These soft white cookies have a hint of peppermint and are sprinkled with crushed candy canes. They make a delicious addition to your Christmas baking and can be eaten on their own or in a warm drink.

Experience the Sweetness of Amish Culture: A Guide to the Best Amish Candies and Treats

Bailey King is delighted to attend a local baby shower for her Amish assistant Emily Keim. But she’s not prepared for the drama that erupts when she discovers that the host’s husband is dead.

Zara Bevan is a former judge who has a reputation as a harsh critic. But when she arrives with her daughter Margot and Blaze Smiand, a young man who’s in a relationship with Margot, the event is more difficult than Bailey thought it would be.

Blaze’s death makes Margot more critical of Bailey. She’s even been threatening to call the Amish police if she doesn’t investigate Blaze’s death.

The Amish Candy Shop Mysteries Series: Getting Started

Bailey King left her coveted job as an assistant chocolatier in New York City to take over her grandparents’ Amish candy shop, Swissmen Sweets, in Harvest, Ohio. She wants to honor her grandfather’s memory by cooking up delicious fudge, truffles and other sweet treats. But she may be biting off more than she can chew.

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