HELPLINE NUMBER : 94486 71727
Indian Rescue Mission
Indian Rescue Mission rescued 89 girls from a dance bar in panvel, Navi Mumbai. 12 year old girl sold for 70,000 Rs was rescued in Andheri, Mumbai
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Human trafficking is modern-day slavery, rampant in many parts of the world. It has become one of the fastest growing criminal industries in the world, and homeless young girls and boys fall at risk. Human trafficking subjects victims to violence, deceit and compulsion for sexual exploitation or other forced labor.

Every day hundreds of thousands of minor girls and boys are trafficked and sold and forced into prostitution and bonded labor.

Helpless poor people, seeking a better life because of poverty, domestic violence and other pressures they have no control over, are brutally oppressed, often sexually abused, raped, beaten, starved and humiliated by heartless men who make a god of power and money. But when such a situation is discovered, the trafficker is often not punished appropriately because of slack laws or because the victim is too afraid and traumatized to co-operate with the prosecution.

So Indian Rescue Mission was started in the year 2009, to offer help and support for these young little children.

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